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7th Oct


Planning Ahead leads to no Excuses

I’ve had many friends & acquaintances come to me for advice on how to lead a healthy lifestyle.  I say it’s simple, you have to plan ahead. Planning ahead not only means to plan meals/snacks, but also to schedule a good workout routine as well.  The food prep may be more time consuming but if you have the right mindset, you will be on the road to success.  Not only will you get results but you will also feel better as well.

no-more-excusesThe most common struggle I see is that people don’t take the time to prepare.  It can be as simple as having a portioned out bag of almonds, an apple & nut butter, an energy bar, etc. to get you through the morning or afternoon.  When people tend to wait too long to eat, they most often times overeat or choose the closest drive thru on the way home.  It not only helps your waist line but it could save money as well.

Sundays are my days to prepare for the week.  I get all my grocery shopping done and leave time to steam my vegetables, cut up my fruit, grill my chicken, portion out my almonds, etc. During the week, I have all my meals prepared and I don’t want my fresh produce to go bad so I have no other choice than to eat at home.  With my workout routine, I find which nights are busy and that is my morning motivation to get up and get it done, plus there’s no better way to start your day than with a good workout!

Many others give excuses such as, I have kids, I don’t have time, or I travel often with my job which makes it being impossible.  With traveling, you can find room in your bag for small snacks, all hotels have a workout room and on every menu there are healthy choices to choose from.  With children, I do not have this experience however I believe it is important to implement healthy eating habits with your kids at a young age.  That does not mean they have to miss out on treats but there are ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle with healthy treats as well.

So start planning your meals and exercise and enjoy the results.


Author:  Abbey G.


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