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21st Oct


Creating Room for Creative Cooking


I have a confession: I love my sweets.  Especially cookies and dark chocolate—especially when they are combined into one delicious baked creation.  But one thing I don’t like about this marriage is all of the butter, sugar, and saturated fats that can get added into the batter.  While it may taste good, it doesn’t always feel good.

So I found a recipe we can all feel good about.  This particular one was in honor of National Bosses Day, which was this past Wednesday, October 16th (Remember that for next year if you missed it).  I have only been with the Excel Chiropractic family for two weeks now, but it has not taken me long to realize that we truly have awesome bosses and a stellar support staff.  I am honored to be part of it!

Now, back to the cookies.  You have probably realized if you have been in our office that we like to keep things pretty healthy around here and in our own homes as well.  So when brainstorming with the girls up front, we wanted to celebrate with some healthy goodies.  I had recently stumbled upon an avocado chocolate chip cookie recipe while on my ‘cado kick and decided to Google it.  What I found was even better than I could have imagined: PALEO AVOCADO COCONUT COOKIES!

This was great news as two of our staff members are incorporating the Paleo diet into their lives.  The find was also a bonus for me because besides avocado and dark chocolate, I can’t get enough coconut.  Thankfully, our adventurous front desk girls were on board and were excited for the experiment.  And even more thankfully, it turned out to be a success.  I would definitely make these again in the future.

Check out the recipe and while you’re at it, browse around this fun and educational blog for some more great Paleo recipes.  You might just get inspired: Avocado Coconut Cowboy Cookies

Even if you aren’t full-blown Paleo, using some of these small swaps can make a huge difference in your food and in you.  Now get up, get out, and get moving!

Author: Jaclyn Spelts, Practice Representative

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