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16th Feb


Chicken “noodle” soup WITHOUT THE NOODLES

There is nothing my family likes more than making a big pot of soup on a Sunday and having meals throughout the week. The best way to eat healthy is to prepare in advance. Variations of this recipe have been in my family for a while and a few years ago I stared using quinoa instead of noodles. We like it better this way because it is healthier and has even more of the vegetable and chicken flavor!

soup 2

Follow the recipe below and enjoy!

-1 whole fryer chicken
-1-2 boxes Organic Gluten Free chicken stock
(the amount you use depends on how much soup you are wanting to make)
-Organic Better than bouillon chicken base
-1 bag of mini carrots chopped
-1 bag or bunch of celery chopped
-1 box of quinoa
-1 small white or yellow onion
-3/4 to one cup of Fresh parsley depending on how much you like(chopped)
-Salt and Pepper

Use big soup pot (4 quarts or larger). Boil chicken until fully cooked throughout (you may need to add water to keep chicken covered). While chicken is cooking slice carrots, celery, parsley and onion into small pieces and set aside. After chicken is cooked, place on platter to cool. It helps to make multiple cuts in the meat to cool faster. Leave water from boiled chicken in pot on stove and add your organic/gluten free chicken stock (1-2 boxes depending on how much liquid you like or how much soup you are making) . While you are shredding the chicken you can add your carrots, onion, celery, and parsley to the chicken and water mixture and once it starts to boil add the box of quinoa. Cook everything until it is the desired texture. When your chicken is shredded, place it in the big pot of veggies and quinoa . Add your bouillon chicken base (to taste…less is more to start out) and the salt and pepper to taste. You may need to add more water as you go along. When everything is mixed together and tastes how you like it, it is ready to serve.

*You may not need to add salt since the bouillon has salt in it!

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