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11th Jan


First and foremost I don’t really like the thought that you have to wait until New Year’s to set a goal for yourself. I get why people do it, a new year signifies a fresh start. The problem is it limits the goals you can set for yourself to once a ...

2nd Oct


Good Life Halfsy Training Tip #5

1st Oct


Good Life Halfsy Training Tip #4

30th Sep


Good Life Halfsy Training Tip #3

29th Sep


Good Life Halfsy Training Tip #2

28th Sep


Good Life Halfsy Training Tip #1

16th Feb


There is nothing my family likes more than making a big pot of soup on a Sunday and having meals throughout the week. The best way to eat healthy is to prepare in advance. Variations of this recipe have been in my family for a while and a few years ago I ...

23rd Dec


Healthy on the Go Raw & Unsalted Nuts Make your own Trail Mix: add dried fruits, raisins, along with different types of nuts. Free Range Jerky Lara Bars, Kind Bars (any bars that have 5 ingredients or less) Apples with Peanut Butter /Almond Butter/ ...

12th Nov


This time of year is always very busy and with the hours of daylight diminishing, we start trying to cram more into our already busy schedule.  We start to get into the holiday rush and our own health and well-being gets pushed to the back burner and ...

21st Oct


I have a confession: I love my sweets.  Especially cookies and dark chocolate—especially when they are combined into one delicious baked creation.  But one thing I don’t like about this marriage is all of the butter, sugar, and saturated fats that ...